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Personality and looks can be part of your enjoyment of, and opinions on, a sport


[NB: I’m separating these posts because I went too off topic from the OP’s opinions]

So this post made me want to say a few things that I feel strongly about in sports fandom (I used the words ‘fandom’ here to mean the wider fandom, not just tumblr), as follows:

1. It is okay to be interested in a sportsperson’s personality. The relationship between fans and players, in any sport, is very very weird and very interesting to explore (here’s a great piece!), and it is by no means limited to how well they play. It is absolutely affected, again, by their personality, whether that is shown on or off the field. And that’s fine! That is part of the sport! Sportsmanship, personality, attitude, desire, drive, and yes even niceness, they all change your opinion of someone whether you are aware of it or not.

Equally, if you want to ignore their personality altogether, that is also a legit way of interacting with sports. It does not make you more or less of a fan to pay attention to someone’s personality, you are just relating to the sport in a slightly different way. 

2. If you are a teenage girl and you like a sport, and you also like talking about how pretty a player is, don’t let anyone shame you out of that. You are absolutely okay to keep doing that. It is absolutely okay to be a “serious” fan of a sport and have your fun, frivolous fandom side to go with it.

If you are a teenage girl and you like a sport, never ever let anyone deride your status, never let ‘teenage girl’ be a derogatory term for someone who is not as passionate and serious about the sport as a teenage boy, or a man. (Who, by the way, are just as fannish as you, they just don’t see it as the same because, you know, you’re a girl and you threaten their masculinity by “invading” their masculine hobby.) (Note also the way they talk about female athletes, and note also that they wouldn’t give a fuck if you talked about the personality/looks of a female athlete, particularly in male-dominated sports, because, y’know, female sports aren’t as legit to start with.) Anyway, the point is: 

Never feel like you have to defend the legitimacy of your interest. You don’t. 

And if you feel like you do, or if you feel put upon, or if you need to talk about how being a female sports fan sucks sometimes, I am always here and I will always fight your fucking corner.

Because here’s the kicker, folks! Sport is a competition, but being a fan of it is not. 

In the words of my fave tumblr PSA-er, namaste friends ^__^

Never feel like you have to defend the legitimacy of your interest. You don’t. 



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