Sirius stabbed moodily at a potato with his fork.

The authority with which Vaz Te speaks is something of a surprise given the freedom and joy that have underpinned many of his performances in a claret and blue shirt.

It’s also unexpected from a quick, 6ft 2in player who is as relaxed talking about his trademark Mohican hairstyle, love of Disney films (Beauty and the Beast is his favourite), travelling on the bus or tube (‘I love it’) and energetic goal celebrations as he is about the small matter of Saturday’s £46million match.

Vaz Te took his three younger sisters to see the musical The Lion King when they visited London. The forward has already been once before and thought it was ‘amazing’.

‘How the lions greet each other is by doing this movement,’ he says, demonstrating by scooping his head upwards, in the manner of a big cat cleaning itself after devouring its prey.

‘They came to watch the game so I thought, “If I score today I’m going to do it”.

Ricardo Vaz Te West Ham interview | Mail Online


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This is the LOVELIEST interview ever.  

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